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BURY2GETHER is a Forum for Parents/Carers of Children/Young People (aged 0-25) who have SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and access services in Bury.  

What is a Parent/Carer Forum?


A Parent/Carer Forum works with Education, Social Care, Health and other services to ensure Parent and Carer voices are represented, when designing services for our children/young people and their  families. 

In England there are Parent/Carer Forums in almost all local authority areas.

Forums usually have a steering group of parents who lead this work and listen to the views of other parents in the local area, to make sure they know what is important to them.

BURY2GETHER is governed by a Constitution that outlines the aims and objectives of the Forum.        Please click here.

To read more detail about the function of the parent/carer forum please click here.



Managed by Parents and Carers, supporting Parents and Carers.

Our Mission

Grow a representative membership of all Bury families, diversities and needs.

  • Empower and upskill Parent/Carer’s to facilitate Participation and Engagement in Bury.

  • Gather the views of Bury families of children and young people with SEND in Bury.

  • Deliver and faithfully represent, the views of our members through representation at a Strategic Board level.


  • Work with the Local Authority, Education Settings, Health Providers and other providers in Bury, to highlight where Services are working well and provide constructive challenge when changes or improvements are required.


  • Co-produce Services with the Local Authority, Education Settings, Health Providers and other providers, to meet the needs of children and young people with SEND and their families in Bury.

In addition, BURY2GETHER’s secondary aims include:​​

  • To facilitate/co-ordinate/inform Parents/Carers of social opportunities and events in the Bury area.

  • Empower and up-skill Parents/Carers and facilitate a wider and richer network around them.

  • Enable Parents/Carers to share good practice and learn from one another through peer to peer support.


Our Vision

To work to ensure that services meet the need's of users to improve the outcomes for families and to stop families from challenging as individuals.


The ultimate goal for a Parent/Carer Forum should be, to be used as a tool to design ALL SEND services. Parents should take the role of Commissioners.

To provide a secure, comfortable environment in our BURY2GETHER Centre, delivering classes, workshops, clubs and social opportunities for our Children/Young People and Parent/Carers.

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