Engagement Day

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

In May 2018 we hosted a 'Co-production Day' at Bury Town Hall where parents/carers had the opportunity to be face to face with Commissioners. Our main function for this event was to gather the collective views of Parent/Carers, understand needs and help to influence changes to services in Bury. We do this by working as equal partners alongside Bury Local Authority and CCG.

On the day we set up the following 10 Focus Groups to discuss in detail:

  1. Early Years/Early Intervention

  2. Social Opportunities

  3. Specialist Provision

  4. Preparing for Adulthood

  5. Mental Health

  6. Child Development Centre

  7. Complex Care

  8. School Support

  9. The Local Offer

  10. Engagement with Children and Young People

We collated your comments and documented all our findings (please click here). Following on from this, all members of our Steering Group are leading this work and we will keep you updated with the outcomes of our work.

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