Updated: Jun 18, 2019


FORUMS4SCHOOLS are ‘mini’ forums within educational settings which brings together Parent/Carers, Educational Staff and Governors to partnership, working together to create a feedback mechanism; ensuring a holistic and inclusive educational environment.

What is the benefit to having FORUMS4SCHOOLS?

Primary Aims

  • A communication mechanism for the collective views of parent/carers that feeds directly into the Governance Group of your educational setting, helping to guide Governors in decision making.

  • To provide a subgroup of governance.

  • An aid to succession planning – inspiring Parent/Carers to become future Governors of your school.

  • A system to empower parent/carers and educational settings, to constructively challenge, praise and work together creating a transparent and communicative partnership.

  • To break down barriers, perceptions and expectations by providing clarity.

  • To listen and understand the views of Parent/Carers, to shape a supportive educational environment.

  • To provide parent to parent moderation, preventing individual issues from escalating.

  • A true, representative, collective voice for your school.

  • A ‘Working Together’ ethos in your school, ensuring inclusion is culturally embedded, supporting the New Ofsted Framework.

  • A direct mechanism into the main BURY2GETHER forum, enabling constructive challenge to facilitate changes to services.

Secondary Aims

  • Helping to signpost Parent/Carers to services and support.

  • Peer to peer support for Parent/Carers, helping to build relationships.

Who can join FORUMS4SCHOOLS?

Any Parent/Carer of a Child/Young Person with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities

(SEND), who attends your Educational Setting. These needs may include Autism, ADHD,

Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Mental Health Conditions, Visual Impairment, Attachment Issues with

Looked After Children (this list is not exhaustive).

Education Settings and Parents/Carers can work together in partnership, to ensure an inclusive and holistic educational environment for our Children.

What this space for further developments.

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